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Origami VIP Definitions

Paper positioning:

When describing folding sequences and moves it is important to ensure that the paper is orientated
in the same way as the instructions have been written.

Therefore we will be using the following conventions;

Imagine that you are sat at a table. The nearest edge of the table to you is perfectly straight, and runs horizontally from left to right.
This edge is the "Horizontal Reference"- HR
Directions will use this HR as a base line.
An imaginary line at 90 degrees to HR and parallel to the floor is the Vertical Reference - VR

Click here for a downloadable text file of the above

I have tried to keep these definitions to a minimum but I realise that new ones may need to be recorded. If you find a need for a new definition, please don't keep it to yourself. Send it to me and I'll add it to the list.