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Simple Orchid

Recently, I was fooling around with a waterbomb base and came up with a flower form that seemed to me to be very like an orchid - I am aware that real orchids have 5 petals and this only has one but, the end result is so lovely I am quite happy to ignore this botanical error.

Orchid with 5 flowers, growing from a rock and mounted in a tall thin box frame

...and now some close ups...

Close up of right hand flowers

Right hand flowers

Close up of left hand flowers

Left hand flowers

Close up of rock and leaves

Rock and leaves

I call this a "simple" orchid as the flower is a slightly tweaked waterbomb base and the leaves are nearly a fish base. What makes it so effective, I think, is the curling of all the surfaces around the handle of a thin paintbrush.

To make the rock I wetted some paper, screwed it up a bit and folded it over the bottom right hand corner. To support the flowers I wrapped paper around florists' wire.


Free standing orchid with four flowers growing from a rock. Yellow blooms, green leaves and white rock

A free standing version in colour