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Origami symbols and line styles

Those of us who draw origami diagrams on computer have a lot of advantages over those who use pencil, pen and ink.
One of the biggest aids to diagramming is the use of symbols as ready drawn graphical objects that can be pasted in position.

Origami symbols
Lay paper down as shown.

I used to draw my diagrams with Adobe Illustrator CS4 and I devised a number of symbols that can be added to Illustrator's Pre-sets folder and used whenever one chooses.

Because of changes to Windows (XP to 7 to 10) and Adobe's decision to run their software exclusively in the cloud and only by subscription, I have been forced to seek other vector programs. Currently I am using CorelDraw, it does everything Illustrator did but remains on my computer.

crease patterns for waterbomb, preliminary, bird and frog bases

 Make a Waterbomb, Preliminary, Bird and Frog Base

I have been asked by a number of people for a copy.

various origami symbols devised by me
The 7 symbols above are ones of my own devising as I do not like to use text within my diagramming. They are from top left; "Wet-folding Recommended", "Fold 'Right About There'", "Model Will Not Lie Flat", "Flatten Firmly", "Collapse on Indicated Creases", "Twist and Collapse Clockwise", "Twist and Collapse Anti-Clockwise".

various line styles

 Because of the many different versions of Illustrator out there I have saved a set for each version I can. Feel free to download the version most suitable for you: Right click on your chosen link and save to your Symbols or Graphic Styles folder in Pre-sets in your version of Illustrator.

Illustrator Symbols CS4

Illustrator Styles CS4

Illustrator Symbols CS3

Illustrator Styles CS3

Illustrator Symbols CS2

Illustrator Styles CS2

Illustrator Symbols CS

Illustrator Styles CS

Illustrator Symbols 10

Illustrator Styles 10

Illustrator Symbols 9

Illustrator Styles 9

Illustrator Symbols 8

Illustrator Styles 8

Illustrator Symbols 3

Illustrator Styles 3

Illustrator Japanese Symbols 3

Illustrator Japanese Styles 3

Inkscape .svg file

If you would like these in any other format please let me know and I'll see what I can do.

Click on the link below and go to an animated gif. of the RATfold symbol: