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4-Point Star

I came up with this model independently but I feel that it is so simple that it must have been created earlier by someone else. I just don't who.

A symmetrical, 4 pointed star with a small square at the centre. At each corner of the central square, the edge extends out towards the outer point of the star, in an anti-clockwise direction until it hits the centre line of a point of the star (it will not reach the point of the star). The extended edge then turns to move in a diagonal and anti-clockwise direction away from the point of the star, and continues to form into the adjacent point of the star.

1. Begin with a Bird base, points down.

2. There is a vertical crease down the centre of the bird base and a horizontal crease that joins up the left and right corners. Let the horizontal crease line be called ABC, where A marks the left end of the line, C the right end of the line, and B the centre of the line that crosses the vertical central line of the model.

3. Working with the upper layer of the model, fold down the right hand corner (point C) so that line BC lies along the centre vertical crease of the model. Crease and unfold. The new crease just made extends from point B diagonally out and down to the right edge of the model.

4. Turn the paper over and repeat Step 3.

5. Take the right hand flap and turn it over to the left like a page of a book. Turn the model over and take the right hand flap and turn it over like the page of a book.

6. Repeat Steps 3 and 4.

7. Fold the top point (centre of the original square) down to point B, and crease.

8. Turn the model over and repeat step 7.

9. Pick the paper up and separate the 4 points at 90 degrees from each other. This may be easier if you place the points flat on the table.

10. Using the creases made in Steps 3, 4 and 6 you should be able to flatten the points and have the centre of the original square sticking up at the ceiling. There are 4 vanes that come down from the central point to the centre creases of each of the star's points.

11. The next 2 steps will result in the formation of a central square, flattened with the point sticking up at the ceiling as its centre. The point will be flattened. With your thumbs and middle fingers at the bases of all 4 vanes, put a little tension along the vanes as you begin to twist the 4 vanes simultaneously in a clockwise direction. Do this by walking your fingers and thumbs in a clockwise direction while pushing against the tensioned vanes. As the vanes twist round, the centre square will begin to form as the central peak flattens out. Once you feel the peak flattening, and square forming, you can apply gentle pressure on it to help it flatten down.

12. Keep applying gentle pressure downwards on the central point while keeping a gentle tension on the vanes, and walking your fingers and thumb in a clockwise direction. You should feel the point collapse slowly on the crease made in Step 7 and 8.

13. When complete the star should lie completely flat.

14. For a plain text file of these instructions Click Here